Artists from the Global South and event organisers from Switzerland talk about their experiences with projects that have been supported by the SüdKulturFonds.

Rasha Nahas, singer, guitarist & songwriter, Palestine (English)

Pablo Gaviria, music producer, Switzerland/ Colombia (español)

Maimouna Ndiaye, film director and actress, Burkina Faso (français)

Jacob Salem, singer & musician, Burkina Faso (français)

Paed Conca, member of the duo PRAED, Switzerland / Lebanon (Deutsch)

Jeanne Vu Van, music producer, Switzerland/ Democratic Republic of Congo (français)

Henry Isabile, musican & member of the band Nihiloxica, Uganda (English)

Sandro Bernasconi, Kaserne Basel (Deutsch)

Ananda Geissberger, programme manager of Afro-Pfingsten and Kulturpunkt Flawil (Deutsch)

Jennifer Jans & Marcel Bieri, organisers of the B-Sides Festival in Lucerne (Deutsch)