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Arts for children

We are connecting art and cultural transmission  by encouraging intercultural dialogue. The projects offer the opportunity to deal with arts as well as allowing encounters with artists from a wide variety of cultural backgrounds.


Art can create understanding at a point where everyday speech reaches its limits. Engagement with art allows for the development of creativity through movement, colour, music and speech. Artistic work embraces the body, the feelings and the intellect. Exposure to art is process-like and reflective, it encourages new forms of communication and strengthens cognitive abilities.



We offer workshops, project weeks and semester projects. A workshop lasts for a double lesson or longer, they are flexibly adaptable. We will work together with you to arrange the projects to meet your individual requirements. In the semester project „Arts in school – an intercultural dialogue“ the participants will examine over the course of one or two semesters in collaboration with the artists such topics as „identity“,„the self“ and „the other“.


Target Public

The offer is directed at children and young people of all school levels, vocational schools, organisers of camps, youth groups as well as to church child and youth programmes.



A number of the different artists in the workshop programmes speak English.


For further information please contact:


Markus Baumann


P.O. Box 

CH 3001 Berne 

+41 +31 311 62 60

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