Femi Adebajo

Femi Adebajo

Femi Adebajo


Currently working on:

I am currently working on a solo dance piece titled "Moving in-between". This piece would create a series of explorations around myths and reality, at the intersection of life and death.

Quick Facts:

Adebajo Oluwafemi was born and raised in Bariga area of Lagos state, Nigeria. He is a multidisciplinary artist, performer and director focussing on exploring art as a medium of connection to the human mind.

He worked with global brands such as Adidas, Theater der Welt (Germany), Company Christoph Winkler (Germany), Hektomeron Theatre Festival (Romania), Irineu Nogueira Dance Program (Germany) and Sanskar Virtual Performance Festival (online). To hone his skills, he has attended workshops with and was mentored by Wole Soyinka, Segun Adefila, Seun Awobajo, Qudus Onikeku, Sunday Israel, Akpan, Adedayo Liadi (Ijodee) Sahar Rahimi, Haracio Macuacua, Seifeddine Mania, Onye Ozuzu, Vanessa Soares, Makinde Adeniran Jahman Anikulapo, Joshua Alabi and Funmi Adewole. He is currently a KIN member and ambassador (KIN is Crowd DNA consultancy's global network of creators, connectors and cultural experts driving culture and categories forward).

Three relevant works from the last 5 years of artistic practice:

  • Curated event - Artist crossroad festival, this festival brings different artistes to collaborate and exchange ideas, Lagos, 2022
  • Dance film project - Yin Yang, a dance film that focused on the theme of duality, created for the future of dance company, Lagos, 2021
  • Dance project - Ninu aye (in life), a dance project which journey through different stories of trafficked humans, created for the future of dance company, Lagos, 2021

Highest educational degree:

Graduated Footprint of dance art academy, undergraduate university of Lagos - studying creative art