Femi Johnson

Femi Johnson

Femi Johnson


Currently working on:

I am currently in a residency for filmmakers at Filmhaus Basel in Switzerland, working on my feature script!

Quick Facts:

Olorunfemi Johnson is a Director and Producer working in the fields of arts and culture. He is involved in Visual Art, Film and Technology. Regarding Film, he has worked with the European Union institutes for culture, Google Arts and Culture. He has worked with NGFX to produce films for Abbey Road Studios, Moncler, Lil Simz, and iD magazine. His featurette debut ‘’The Nightmare on Broadstreet’’ was screened around the globe. In 2023, he was awarded a fellowship in the Basel House of Film in Switzerland. He is the recipient of the G.A.S Fellowship Award 2022 and his work has been shown at FNB Art Joburg among other.

Femi was trained by Factum Foundation, a leading institution, which has digitized important historic and cultural artefacts around the world. He has lectured at HFBK Hamburg on Planetary thinking/computation and its relation to art. In 2020 he tutored for Binance on the significance on BlockChain Technology and Web 3.0.

Now he works at the Edo Museum of West African Art (EMOWAA) as a Digital Heritage Specialist, where he is involved in a project on Digitisation regarding African Artefacts - currently Bronzes from Benin. In this context he is collaborating with the RJM Museum in Koln, the Pitt Rivers Museum in Oxford, the Cambridge Museum, and the British Museum.

Highest educational degree:

Bachelor's of Engineering