Mercy Tatiana Arias Otálora

Mercy Tatiana Arias Otálora

Mercy Tatiana Arias Otálora


Currently working on:

I am inspired by the Tropical Latin American aesthetic, the autochthonous and the local customs. I build exuberant versions of collective events and personal memories. I am interested in the territory as a choreographer of our bodies and decisions.

Quick Facts:

Born in the mountains and marked by the Colombian Caribbean. Dancer for love, conviction and profession. Her artistic work is developed in the independent circuit where she has been a performer in different fields ranging from ballet for opera to performance theater through Burlesque. Her work of movement and teaching is nourished by the interweaving of Contemporary Dance, Somatic Techniques, Corporal Expression and Improvisation. She has a postgraduate degree in Contemporary Artistic Practices - UNSAM Argentina and is a graduated at the National University of Arts - Argentina in Choreographic Composition, where she deals with the study of decolonial aesthetics, in addition to constantly continuing his training in spaces of the non-academic circuit.

In 2019 she premieres her first work as a choreographer: Estado Tropical, within the Instalaciones Performáticas Autónomas Residence. She was part of the Editorial team of Textual Encounters of Proximidades Expositivas that brings together writings on dance works in 2019. In 2020 she was part of Mostanesa (Performance cycle) with Musa Paradisiaca. in 2022 she won the annual scholarship of dance journalism of IDARTES- Bogotá Colombia and the OPEN CALL for emergent artist of ARTLINK.

Three relevant works from the last 5 years of artistic practice:

  • 2023- Performatic Conference- Dance and Write. Part of the Scholarship od Dance Jornalism- IDARTES COLOMBIA
  • 2022- Performatic Conference- Pain, Desire and Direction. Residence in Teatro de la Memoria- Bogotá
  • 2019- Dance Pllay- Estado Tropical.

Highest educational degree:

Posgraduate on Contemporary Artistic Practices

Work samples:

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Menage a Trois: Pain, Desire and Direction

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