Nisha Abdulla

Nisha Abdulla

Nisha Abdulla


Currently working on:

wepushthesky: currently on tour with this solo performance on friendship and faith in the time of divisive political rhetoric.

'how long is February? a fantasy in three parts': Writing and directing, grantee of Edinburgh Festival Fringe 2023

The Puchkoo Project: Stop motion+puppetry digital piece

Quick Facts:

Artistic Director, Qabila 

Co-founder, OffStream

Explores identity and belonging in its many contradictions. Is especially interested in investigating the tensions between individual and collective, between the present and future imaginations of our world, between truth-telling and collective dreaming.

Anti-oppressive arts practice that holds space for curious presence and needs in the room - both individual and collective. Creates space for dissenting imaginations in process, form, and content.

Is also an educator working with multiple arts organisations, schools and universitites, and community spaces. Works across age groups, especially with teens and university level. Uses storytelling, writing, and performance making as pedagogical tools.

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Three relevant works from the last 5 years of artistic practice:

  • Practicing, articulating and building an anti-oppressive practice in rehearsal rooms and teaching spaces. This is an on-going pursuit.
  • Faciliating learning spaces for early career artists from minority/marginalised backgrounds as a co-founder member of OffStream
  • Working with youth from minority/marginalised backgrounds on rights education, gender-sexuality, anti-caste practice and advocacy

Highest educational degree:

My highest formal education is of a Masters in Business Administration. I'm not institutionally trained in the arts. Instead, my training has been at formal and open programs created by veteran theatre practitioners, at workshops held by peers, and learning-on-the-job in rehearsal rooms.

Work samples:

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wepushthesky - a solo performance

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Koottu - a non-verbal play that explores differences in classrooms

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Orchestra on the Moon - a nonverbal play exploring the unsaids in our body

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Ashk Neele Hain Mere (Original English title: Blue is the colour I cry)

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AtmaNirbharta has Spoken, digital chronicling of the leadership crisis during Covid19

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Dramaturgy for Firefly Women, a digital theatre piece