Currently working on:

I am currently working on my EP and I will provide the link when its available.

Quick Facts:

Hailing from Kampala, Uganda, R3IGN DROPS is a DJ with a taste for Techno and groovy Afro House beats that take you on a Journey of meditative sound and body Twisting adventures.R3IGN DROPS started her journey as a DJ and producer in late 2019 during her residency at the NYEGE NYEGE VILLA and since then, she has played at some of Kampala's most banging hangouts and also just recently completed her first EUROPE Tour.Apart from being the creative director of DOPE GAL AFRICA, an initiative that supports and brings together creative women in Africa and the Diaspora with various gifts and interests, for the sole aim of growing and expanding these talents to the best of their abilities, R3IGN DROPS is also one half of Black Sistarz, a DJ and Producer Duo consisting of herself and Catu Diosis.

Three relevant works from the last 5 years of artistic practice:

  • ENDLESS TRIP - This was my very first solo project and, I started working on it in 2020 during the COVID-19 lockdown.
  • RAZZLE DAZZLE - This was a DOPE GAL initiative started by me & Catu diosis in 2018 with an aim of briniging together and creating a platform for African Female and Femme artists
  • DOPE GAL WORKSHOP IN COLOGNE - This was a DOPE GAL open workshop geared at teaching Djing & production skills to interested female and femme upcoming artists.

Highest educational degree:

Bachelor of Arts in Mass Communication