Rania Atef

Rania Atef

Rania Atef


Currently working on:

"Please, don't look at the moon" project. The publication is an anthology of drawings, songs, texts, archival findings, and personal memories that develops out of the act of remembering and listening, focusing on myths and songs.

Quick Facts:

My practice explores the notion of play across a wide range of mediums; text, drawing, installation, performance, and video. Throughout the past four years, I have been working on long-term research investigating maternal and reproductive labor and its intersectional trajectories with Art institutions on both the individual and collective levels. Engaging with the systems and infrastructure of social and cultural systems in this context, all are put into question to be negotiated.

Three relevant works from the last 5 years of artistic practice:

  • 2021- Finished my research residency in Zurich funded by Pro helvetia Cairo
  • 2021- I have published a text on "Archive of forgetfulness" project curated by Huda Tayoub and Bongani Kona. https://archiveofforgetfulness.com/
  • 2020/present - Co-founded K-oh-llective ; an online platform that provides resources and facilitates conversations between art practitioners in Egypt and the Arab world.

Highest educational degree:

Bachelor degree in Applied Arts