Roberto Michael MOLISHO

Roberto Michael MOLISHO

Roberto Michael MOLISHO


Currently working on:

Cocody Jonny

A creation of the 6th promotion of the theater school JP Guingane, a text by Souleymane KOLLY and Koffi KWAHULE. In a staging of MOLISHO Roberto Michael, assisted by TINDREBEOGO Christiane.

Quick Facts:

Artistic approach

The artist looks, expresses, thinks, questions and reinterprets the world. My creative process is a way to apprehend and understand it. Ancient and complex, it can be assimilated to a process in the same way as a historical or scientific process.

To create I do not remain confined in my space, I move, document and feed myself with external contributions and affirm, where I am, my status of creator. An invitation is given to us to direct our glance from an artist to another, from a culture to another, from a mode of expression to another, from a concept to another. Thus is established a history between men in time and space, between artists and natural, built, inhabited, geographical, historical or sociological spaces. From these encounters are born mixed works.

My creations are a direct plunge into the history, the past of Burundi and / or the world, questioning it, in the fact as in the form. In a country like mine, bruised by situations of conflict, the question of identity and primordial and present in my artistic approach, because it carries questions that every Burundian citizen or the world must ask.

The commitment. This notion that we strive to perpetuate, today even more, because the world invites us to an awareness of the importance as artists to engage for causes, noble and just that exposes our societies.

To inspire hope, because yes the world needs it, we need it, and art is the most direct way to invite people to dream, to believe and to fight. My approach is to mix the past and the present by inspiring hope for the future. 

MOLISHO Roberto Michael

Actor, Author and Director

Three relevant works from the last 5 years of artistic practice:

  • Demain nous jouerons du théâtre/ Theater production/ Compagnie OUF/ Buja Sans Tabou/ Bujumbura 2021
  • Ecole Supérieur de théâtre Jean-Pierre GUINGANE/ Workshops/ Luca FUSI, JorJio DONATI, Felice PICO/ ESTJPG/ Ouagadougou/2021
  • Direction/Workshops/ Aristide TARNAGDA and Odile Sankara/ French Institut/ Burundi/2019

Highest educational degree:

Business and administration

Work samples: