Weiter Schreiben Schweiz

The project Weiter Schreiben Schweiz – Write On Switzerland links established authors in Switzerland with authors who have recently fled here. In a joint process new perspectives on the languages of these authors as well as the local and the global emerge.

Weiter Schreiben Schweiz
Initiated by WIR MACHEN DAS and managed by artlink since April 2021

Weiter Schreiben Schweiz is a collaborative project with the German non-profit organization WIR MACHEN DAS, which initiates arts and public relations projects advocating for participation and recognition of diversity in the context of refugee movements and migration. Weiter Schreiben is their flagship project in the field of literature. Initially implemented in Germany, it expanded to include Switzerland starting in April 2021. artlink manages Weiter Schreiben Schweiz on behalf of WIR MACHEN DAS.


Weiter Schreiben Schweiz is dedicated to authors who fled their home countries as a result of conflict or political oppression. The project connects authors in Swiss exile with the local literary scene. The aim is to provide writers who seek a new readership in Switzerland and beyond with access to valuable professional networks. The project is currently running in the German and French speaking part of Switzerland and will be introduced to the Italian speaking region by 2023.

The voices of exiled authors currently based in Switzerland are an enrichment to the local literary and cultural scene. Their writings are important in their own right and contribute to public discourse in Switzerland. By providing a platform to exiled authors Weiter Schreiben Schweiz deepens transcultural dialogue, disrupts stereotypes and broadens readerships. Weiter Schreiben Schweiz is managed by artlink who enables authors' access to Swiss literary institutions and key cultural players.

Author Pairings

Weiter Schreiben Schweiz works by way of "author pairings". In a careful curatorial process involving several members of the Swiss literary scene Weiter Schreiben Schweiz pairs authors in Swiss exile with established authors based in Switzerland. The aim of this close bilateral collaboration between authors is to enrich the thinking and writing processes of both parties.


A specific goal of Weiter Schreiben Schweiz is to showcase the works of exiled writers, but also the texts emerging from the collaborations between the paired authors. To introduce the works of exiled authors to a wider audience artlink organises public readings throughout Switzerland, featuring these authors and their Swiss partners.

Audiences gain insights into the working process of the different authors and are able to enjoy texts in a variety of languages. Weiter Schreiben Schweiz regularly publishes texts by the exiled authors it supports both in their original language in and in German translation. In the coming years, French and Italian translations will be provided as well.

More information

To find more detailed information on this programme, its contributing authors as well as published texts visit the project’s dedicated website Weiter Schreiben Schweiz.