You Do You: Transcultural Education

Education and culture contribute to self-empowerment. You Do You: Transcultural Education offers impulses for young people to engage with diverse cultural perspectives, and themeselves.

Transcultural Education and Awareness
Initiated by artlink
since 1990

Why Transcultural Education?

Since 1990, artlink has been committed to raising awareness of transcultural perspectives among children and adolescents. In doing so, we actively contribute to the identity formation and development of young people.

With You Do You: Transcultural Education, artlink aims to...

  • ... increase young people's awareness of transcultural perspectives.
  • ... support young people in the development of their identity and in positioning themselves in society.
  • ... reflect the diversity of the Swiss population in the field of education.
  • ... give artists with migration experience in Switzerland more visibility in the field of mediation and cultural education and thus help them to gain more opportunities and income.
  • ... give artists more reach with their mediation and education projects.
  • ... enable artists to expand their networks.

Who is Transcultural Education for?

Are you part of an educational institution or do you work with young people in another context? Do you want to support them in forming their identity? Are you looking to engage with artistic ways of thinking and acting in different cultural contexts?

Then our initiatives are just right for you!

In collaboration with artists with migration experience living in Switzerland, artlink develops and distributes educational activities for schools and cultural institutions, thus contributing to more diversity, increased intercultural competences and broader perspectives for all participants.



artout: freedom of expression with pen and voice is a programme in cooperation with Amnesty International Switzerland.

Together with artists, young people are invited to experiment with expressing their concerns and opinions artistically: They write, draw, paint, collage, speak, rap or sing - and practise expressing their opinions freely without discriminating against others.


  • The young people understand what freedom of expression means and can assess its limits.
  • The young people are motivated and feel co-responsible for helping to shape society in terms of human rights.
  • The young people feel empowered to express their concerns/messages artistically.


  • The content and methods in our workshops are adapted to the individual level of the students.

Facilitators and partners

  • The workshops are run by Amina Abdulkadir or Kay Wieoimmer together with a facilitator from Amnesty International Switzerland.
It Takes Two

Do you work with young people? Do you want to present them with new content?

Artists and experts join forces and multiply their skills. Together they offer an interactive dialogue format on a contemporary, relevant topic at the interface between artistic expression and professional expertise. In the process, the young people are introduced to current discussion topics through aesthetic practice.

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Tandem Nr. 1

  • Karolina Lisowski is a Polish-Swiss religious scholar from Bern, specialising in Buddhism. Alongside a theoretical-scientific background, Karolina brings with her pedagogical experience. For example, as an art mediator in museums, or as a facilitator at the House of Religions in Bern.
  • Barbara Widmer is a martial arts expert, particularly focusing on Wing Tsun and Kung Fu. She has been teaching martial arts for over 25 years and brings a lot of mediation experience with her. Barbara works part-time at a primary school.

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Tandem Nr. 2

  • Ana Sobral is a literary scholar and the artistic director of Weiter Schreiben Schweiz. She was Assistant Professor of Global Literatures in English at the University of Zurich. Before that, she researched and taught in the Department of British and American Studies at the University of Konstanz, where she also wrote her dissertation. Ana Sobral has proven experience in mediating on topics such as postcolonialism, racism, history of rap.
  • Choreographer and dancer Muhammed Kaltuk graduated in Contemporary and Urban Stage Dance in Zurich. He has broad experience in mediation and deals with themes such as "Toxic Masculinity" (Theatre St. Gallen) and "Origin" (Lucerne Theatre). It is important to Muhammed to speak up on issues that concern him and society.

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Tandem Nr. 3

  • Hannes Liechti is curator and editor for Norient. He lectures on pop music history and has many years of experience in educational work with children and young people.
  • Guitarist, singer and composer Jonatan Blaty grew up in Argentina. He is a trained composer and tango dancer. He currently teaches tango at the Volkshochschule Bern, guitar at the Musikschule Oberemmental and collaborates with musicians such as Lo & Leduc and Sina.

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What’s Your Perspective?

What's Your Perspective?: discussion format with youth. Stay tuned for more!