Amanda Tovalin

Amanda Tovalin

Amanda Tovalin


Currently working on:

🌿Currently working on my first live looping album called "Música Verde (Green music)". Música verde: Making of

I am currently working on an European tour 2024

Quick Facts:

Luisa Amanda Tovalin Rosado, better known as Amanda Tovalin, has an energetic and curious personality. She is a singer, violinist, composer and arranger and defines her artistic process as the result of creative methods of musical composition as well as the reflection of her love for sound experimentation, songwriting, Latin American music, contemporary musical arrangements and creative music ensembles.

Her style has led her to win several prestigious grants for female composers such as the 2019 ART OMI New York Experimental Composers in Residence Fellowship and the Vermont College of Fine Arts Women Creative Composers Fellowship.

Her live shows have been acclaimed for the energy and honesty she offers on stage with the creativity of her violin as well as the honesty of her voice, factors that have led her to represent Mexico internationally on tours in countries such as Spain Colombia and India where she participated in the New Delhi Jazz Festival in 2019.

Three relevant works from the last 5 years of artistic practice:

  • Nomination of album Infinito (Infinite) as best international artist at the MIN Awards in Spain (2021)
  • Touring in India, main concert at the International Jazz Fest (2018)
  • Art residency at Art Omi, NY, designed for experimental composers (2019)

Highest educational degree:

Masters in music investigation by Unir, Spain

Work samples:

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