Turntables is a place for actors across the fields of art and culture to showcase their work, share skills and ideas, to network and find partners to collaborate.

Turntables facilitates South-South and South-North online networking and exchange, skill-sharing and training by providing an online directory. If you are an artist, practitioner, organiser, host, or institution in the field of art and culture who shares our values, you can apply for free to become a Turntables member. This will allow you to search the directory and create your online profile. The minimal design ensures easy browsing of profiles and networking across the globe. Furthermore, Turntables initiates a small-scaled series of on- and offline events to activate members’ exchange and dialogue.

Turntables invites its members as key players to co-develop, co-initiate, and participate in opportunities for networking, professionalisation, skill-sharing, and learning. Furthermore, the project plants seeds by developing new interfaces between digital and physical networking and collaboration.

Turntables is an initiative by artlink and part of its open ecosystem. From inception, the project works transparently and provides equal access by initiating small-scale activities across different topics and frameworks. It extends an open invitation to members both to explore and activate the platform’s potential to organically grow and evolve. All creative work and intellectual property are protected and regulated by our Terms and Conditions.

Turntables aims to

  • establish new contacts between key players in the field of art and culture, and deepen established relationships;
  • initiate new thought processes and practical implementations of how artists can promote themselves, network and share skills;
  • provide a space for professionalisation and skill sharing across all creative fields and disciplines;
  • create new opportunities in the emerging hybrid dynamic cultural ecosystem between in-person and virtual meetings;
  • encourage key players to strategically exploit the disruptive potential of Covid19 in order to strengthen artistic self-determination and to open up traditional structures across all practices and activities of art and culture.

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FAQ about Turntables

Why Turntables

The pandemic has interrupted physical encounters in arts and culture while in-person meetings and exchanges continue to be essential for growth and imagination. With artistic production moving into online spaces, new paths towards exchange, learning, presentation and interaction are being carved into the digital landscape. Turntables grasps this opportunity to develop new activities and formats that bypass traditional power structures in art and culture, towards opening new and inclusive access points for key players. Thus, the project meets the urgent need for hybrid spaces which facilitate ever increasing opportunities for in-person and online-offline exchange.

What does Turntables offer?

This network-building platform offers the opportunity to interlink processes of showcasing and sharing skills, while initiating mutual learning opportunities and encounters. On- and offline events informed by members' input will activate the platform as it continues to grow and develop. The process of reciprocal inspiration between the profiles of key players will be facilitated through curated online events. Turntables evolves into an opportunity-building engine, fostering creative imagination and critical thinking. The aim is to inspire innovative practices and knowledge production to work towards the imagined and unexpected.

How does Turntables work?

Turntables is an open forum that invites key players in the field of art and culture to apply and present their work in the Directory. The platform activates members’ profiles through distinct collaborative online encounters which in turn facilitate the growth of the platform. The minimal design ensures easy access and intuitive use. Members’ input becomes a catalyst as the platform evolves by growing and sharing, experimenting and exploring new forms of applied creative practice. We will disclose at all times transparently how and where your personal information and intellectual property are stored and shared, see Terms and Conditions.

Where can I apply for funding, or find jobs or opportunities?

Artlink is aware that in the field of art and culture immediate financial support is widely sought after. You won’t find quick solutions here. Rather, Turntables invites you to join a global community of peers who share our values. As a member, you are invited to explore the Directory and to interact in online activities.

What happens next?

During the foundational phase, Turntables invites interested actors in the field of art and culture to submit the application form to become a member. This will allow you to create a profile or browse the Directory. Turntables grows in a self-sustaining, member-driven feedback loop, informed and stimulated by the Directory and curated online events.

Who can register for Turntables, and how?

Artists, practitioners, organisers, hosts, or institutions in the field of art and culture who share our values are invited as key players to apply for a membership using this application form. By submitting their application, members agree to adhere to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy as well as the Shared Values and Community Guidelines that governs participation in this community.

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